You are thinking about buying a new home? You may have doubts whether you should buy a new home or second hand one. Today, to help you making a decision, we are going to explain ten important advantages that you can enjoy if you opt for the first option, a newly built house.


No need to reform

The houses of new construction, since they have just been built and finished, do not need works to replace old and damaged parts. In addition to this, you will not take the risk of finding out, shortly after buying a second-hand house, that some parts of the house that seemed at first sight in good condition, are not and need work or replacement.


Ready to move in

In relation to the previous point, newly built houses, as a general rule, are ready to be inhabited from the moment the contracts and deeds are signed. You can enter with your personal belongings and get settled!


Greater peace of mind

With a few exceptions, the vast majority of new houses are located away from the urban centres of the cities, which means a lower level of noise, less difficulty finding parking and, ultimately, greater peaceful atmosphere and better quality of services.


More energy efficient

The brand new homes have been built based on the new guidelines set by the laws on energy efficiency and, therefore, are able to take better advantage of natural resources, which means a lower expenditure on electricity, gas, etc.


Residential area

New houses are usually built in residential areas that usually have gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports areas, etc. They offer extras that positively impact on greater comfort.


Lower tax charges

Many localities, with the purpose of encouraging the real estate market of new construction, are offering discounts and subsidies related to various types of taxes. In fact, in Spain, this type of houses is taxed by a special VAT of 10%, instead of 21% applicable to most items.


With garage and storage

Nowadays, practically all the houses that are built have their own storage room and garage, which is a great advantage over the second-hand homes.


Very competitive prices

The price of new construction housing has dropped, since 2008, which has been caused, in general terms, by the cheaper price of square meter and various construction materials.


Builder warranty

The new houses have the guarantee of the construction company during a certain period of time.


The motivation of enjoying a brand new house

Turning a house into a home for the first time is a truly appetizing experience and a whole motivation, especially if it is a brand new house.


The information in this post comes from the blog of the real estate Engel & Völkers. The image is from Justo Quesada.

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