Tips to decorate your table for a special event at home

Christmas is around the corner, celebrations, lunches and dinners are approaching. The idea is to surprise our guests with a truly sensational staging. Decorating the table becomes an exercise of good taste and imagination where every decorative detail is important....

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Strong growth of newly built homes in Spain in 2017

The sale of new homes grew by 18.8% in the third quarter of the year, compared to 15% of the second-hand. Second-hand housing is still the type of home most bought in Spain, although the new construction is growing due to the return of residential construction. New...

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Current interior design trends for a modern home

Your house is old-fashioned and behind the times? You want a modern house? Take a look at these current decoration trends and give your house a new look. To help you in this mission, today we bring you some fresh ideas that will guide you. Let’s start!   Bet on...

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Main features of the ideal house in Spain

The Spanish ideal house is a villa or independent house with more than 100m2, at least 4 rooms located outside of the city. According to a study by Conforama, this is the ideal house that most people would like to have. But the reality is different. Actually, the...

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Tips to save on our domestic consumption – Part two

Last Friday we published the first part of our tips to save on our domestic consumption: water and heating. Today we finish this series of two articles with the second part: light and appliances.   Light It is nowadays impossible to conceive our day to day at...

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Tips to save on our domestic consumption – Part one

Cold seasons are just around the corner and we know what that implies. Stay longer hours at home and therefore use more electricity and hot water. In addition to having it conditioned with a good heating system that guarantees the maximum well-being possible....

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