The Spanish ideal house is a villa or independent house with more than 100m2, at least 4 rooms located outside of the city. According to a study by Conforama, this is the ideal house that most people would like to have. But the reality is different.

Actually, the Spanish live in flats (66%) of less than 75m2 (70%) and with a maximum of three bedrooms (51%). According to the survey carried out by this decoration company, the Spanish prefer a owned house, as expressed by 85% of the respondents and the rental alternative is not the favourite, despite the fact that 18% of them live in a rented house.



Speaking of style of decoration preferred by the Spaniards, there is a diversity of opinion. Although 3 out of 5 agree that the decoration of their home is a key point, there is a lot of diversity in terms of tastes and styles. 33% opted for the modern style, avant-garde aesthetic furniture with technological touches, 23% for minimalist style defined as decoration based on few furniture and simple appearance in shapes and colours, and 12% for rustic, with the air of a country house and a lot of wood.


Home habits

The results of the study also show that 3 out of 5 Spaniards spend most of their time in the living room, so it is not surprising that the sofa and the dining area are the preferred parts of this area of ​​the home. Regarding the type of sofa they prefer, 3 out of 10 prefer a sofa with chaise longue since it allows them to lie down and disconnect from the routine.



The kitchen is the place that most Spanish would like to renew (24%), and 44% of them dream of a kitchen island, while only 10% want and open kitchen. And how is their current kitchen? 7 out of 10 admit having a small and simple kitchen, with space for a table to eat only in 44% of the cases. Regarding the style of decoration, the majority of Spaniards clearly follow the current trends. If they could choose, they would opt for an avant-garde style kitchen. The rustic style is the second option. 2 out of 5 Spaniards have renovated their living room, bedroom or bathroom in the last 5 years, and about half of them would like to reform the kitchen and living room first, in this order.



The bedroom, the second room where the Spaniards spent more time, should have a king size bed for 25% of respondents, and a closet as large as possible. For the youth bedroom, a good bed and a study area are essential. The headboard of the bed, bedside tables and a full-length mirror complete the ranking of essential furniture in the bedroom for the Spanish.


Additional room

Regarding an additional space in their home, men (38%) would opt for a leisure room with a large TV, and if possible with a recreational area formed by a pool or table football. Women (39%) would opt for a dressing room with enough and separate space for their clothes and shoes.

The information published in this post comes from an article of October 29, 2017 in 20 minutes. The picture is from Justo Quesada.


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