Your house is old-fashioned and behind the times? You want a modern house? Take a look at these current decoration trends and give your house a new look. To help you in this mission, today we bring you some fresh ideas that will guide you. Let’s start!


Bet on open spaces

Even if you do not live in a house of 300 square meters, you can value the open spaces. Although your house is not as big as you would like, it is always possible to decorate without compartmentalizing excessively. If you are going to make reforms, remove some walls and divide the spaces with furniture. Not overfilling the room with pieces of furniture is another way to free space in the room.


Your kitchen with metro style tiles

If you are going to change the tiles in your kitchen, why not choosing “underground tiles”? They are very up-to-date and they have a vintage look that we love. White, black, cream… Any option is valid to combine with your furniture and you do not have to invest too much in updating this space. Think that the change is worth it and that your kitchen will become a dynamic space in which you will like to be.


A large plant in your living room

Place a large plant in your living room. Plants bring nature to the interior. Of course, you will have to take care of it to make sure your plant is always beautiful. (a plant with a sickly appearance does not decorate too much!). Find the right location, near a window so it can receive sunlight, and away from radiators and air conditioning outlets.


A wall of wallpaper

It has been a trend for years and still continues to triumph. If you have already thought about covering a wall with wallpaper but you have never dared, now is the time. Choose a wall of your house that has prominence. It can be the one behind the sofa in the living room or the one at the head of your bed in the bedroom. Now decide on a type of wallpaper design. There are thousands of options: geometric design, with retro air, floral style… When you have it clear, you will be ready to choose the model.


A coated brick wall

Covering one of the walls of the living room with brick has also become one of the current decoration trends that has more followers. Especially among lovers of industrial style. Even if it seems complicated, you can do it at home. There are many materials to achieve a beautiful brick wall. Opt for natural finishes, without painting or varnishing, which show the brick as it is.


A piece of a vibrant colour

We like neutral colours. They give us confidence and make us feel safe, so we usually choose them to decorate our spaces. However, too much neutral colours can make the spaces “boring”. To avoid this, place in your living room a piece of furniture of intense colour, very vibrant, that breaks the uniformity and stands out against the neutral background. You will manage to create a very seductive composition that you will love. What about a bright yellow sofa?


Decorate with picture frames

The picture frames help us to renovate the decoration of a space in a very simple way. Do not hesitate, choose the perfect place and what you want to frame: photos, drawings, prints, etc. Create a nice gallery on your wall, or leave some frames simply resting on the floor or on a piece of furniture. You will give a modern and trendy touch to your living room.

If you follow these current decoration trends, or at least some of them, you will give the space a new, much more modern dimension. Try it!


The information of this post mainly comes from an article in the Decoration 2.0 website. The photo is from Pexels.

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