Christmas is around the corner, celebrations, lunches and dinners are approaching. The idea is to surprise our guests with a truly sensational staging. Decorating the table becomes an exercise of good taste and imagination where every decorative detail is important. Are you ready to find out how to achieve it?

It is not about having to dust off the inherited crockery, which we do not even like because it does not match our current style. It is not necessary to make an extra expense to buy a tablecloth or expensive accessories that we will then store in a drawer. This post is about looking for original and different ideas. Creative proposals with minimal investment that will make your guests feel special.


Welcome your guests with the decoration of the table

We often spend hours and hours in the kitchen to work on the guest menu, the wine that leads the ranking of the best national wine list and an impressive dessert. However, we hardly spend time thinking about how we want to dress the table, what lighting to create, whether we will put a centrepiece or not, etc.

Organising an event also means preparing a warm welcome to our guests. Any corner of the room where the celebration will take place may be the right place to suggest a cocktail, a soft drink or your favourite beer.

Details are important. A zinc bucket filled with ice and bottles of mixed soda can be all that is needed. A tray prepared with citrus juices, ready to serve in large unpolished glasses of colours or a cocktail shaker with matching glasses… So chic and glamorous!


Personal details for your guests

Surprise the guests with decorative resources or complements that they do not expect. How to decorate the table to achieve this goal? There are many ways to do it. One of them is to cut out some cards of a nice paper and label the name with a thick line to add your personal touch. How about recreating the characters of the ancient script? Or opting for a super modern typography? If the number of guests is high, it can even be practical from a logistical point of view.

But there are more ideas to turn that celebration into a special moment. How to place small photographs of the guests next to their seat? The presentation of the napkins is another way to personalized decorations. The idea is to avoid traditional napkin holders. For example, use strings and ribbons of wide fabrics to tie them. If you add a branch or a small flower, the effect will be subtle and elegant.


Mix and recycle tableware: the funniest option

How to decorate the table in a unique way, may involving transgressing certain decorative rules. Why not combining a band new glassware or cutlery with pieces of tableware that have been left incomplete? A successful combination of the most eclectic materials, styles and colours can be the resource we are looking for to get an original table with a special touch.

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