Cold seasons are just around the corner and we know what that implies. Stay longer hours at home and therefore use more electricity and hot water. In addition to having it conditioned with a good heating system that guarantees the maximum well-being possible. Everything sounds perfect. But the reality is that the expense goes up!

What about saving on your domestic consumption? This post and the next one will help you to achieve it. Today we will talk about water and heating and our next post will deal with light and appliances and electronics.

From this moment, saving on your domestic consumption will be an accomplished mission, not a challenge. Start to take note because we have prepared a selection of infallible tips for you to spend only what is necessary. Save money without loosing wellbeing!



The water bill is probably another of your pending subjects. You have tried many times to use water more responsibly but you have never been able to.

There are solutions that will allow you to consume up to 50% less water. To mention a few, you may not know that there are aerators that mix the water from the faucets with air. They are placed easily and thanks to them, the flow is reduced by up to 50%.

I also want to tell you that thermostatic faucets are a great solution to consume moderately for several reasons: they have a flow limiter, the water comes directly at the chosen temperature and the models with double opening position are a perfect solution.

Use only the amount of water you need: the shower consumes less water than a fully filled bathtub and do not leave the tap open when you do not need it, for example when you brush your teeth.



You know that there is another key point when it comes to reducing the energy expenditure: the heating system and the boiler. It always goes up in the winter months, but this year, you’ll see how you can make this change.

If you bet on a condensing boiler or an efficient system, reducing consumption by up to 30% will be a dream that comes true. Have you heard of pellet stoves? They are small pieces of sawdust agglomerate. It may be the solution you need if you care about recycling and environmental care.

Pellet stoves take advantage of 80 to 90% of the heat they generate. Therefore, they are excellent allies to achieve a high percentage of savings in heating.


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Next week we will explain how to save on the light bill. Do not miss it!

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